Why I Love Hotel Bars

I am trying to put my finger on why hotel bars are just so fun! I almost prefer them over regular bars and pubs. They feel a touch classier and stylish and the energy is usually pulsating at a higher frequency; probably because most people are passing through.

This perspective comes from zero naughty intentions on the matter. It’s not about room availability above you, or one night stands. It is more than that. It is an attitude. When you are in a hotel bar, YOU could be the traveler. You are on a business trip or exotic getaway…your mind really starts to wander at the possibilities in your own life.

Maybe you’ll try a different cocktail or try an appetizer you wouldn’t normally. All of a sudden you want to sit up straighter, speak more clearly, learn a new language, and make friends with a traveling foreigner. Maybe you are the foreigner or maybe you live here….. who knows…..?

The urgency you have to know what is happening in the world! Fill me in on all the things happening in Luxembourg, I must be told! Your eyes open and life feels so possible. The mystique, the intrigue, oh my!

Here are some of the hotel bars that I absolutely enjoyed and created wonderful memories in and you should too!

Clift Hotel

The Redwood Room, San Francisco

Sir Francis Drake Hotel

The Starlight Room, San Francisco. I almost drank here, but was turned away due to a buy out. Must return!

Omni Parker House

The Last Hurrah, Boston. You must stay at this hotel sometime.

The Fairmont Hotel

San Francisco (bar is part of the hotel lobby- so regal!)

W Hotel NYC

The Living Room, NYC


Lewers Lounge, Oahu, Hawaii

The Langham Hotel

Bond, Boston (aka, my favorite hotel bar)

The Cosmopolitan

Vesper Lounge, Las Vegas (I didn’t drink here, but I walked by & regretted not going back, guess there will be round 2!)

I only came to the realization in 2016 that I yearn for hotel bars. So I would love to hear your advice on ones you highly recommend or maybe had a good memory in; no matter where in the world…

While writing this article, I decided that I want to go on a quest to find amazing hotel bars whenever I am traveling. Ill add that to my waterfall quest of 2017 and follow up with the adventures…



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Nicole Herzog

Nicole Herzog

I like things that sparkle in an obnoxious kind of way. Life is short, make it fun. Book coming Summer 2022 www.meetingwithcake.com