Nicole Herzog

Mar 31, 2021

8 min read

Goddess Hour

A one hour de-stressing routine for deep sleep

Photo by Vincentiu Solomon on Unsplash

Enter Goddess Hour

Goddess Hour Preparation

  1. Eat 3 hours before bed: This will ensure enough time and energy to digest without your body rumbling and tumbling as you try and fall asleep.
  2. Start winding down by 9pm: Being in bed by 10pm is essential as it is the time when you can correctly match up with the circadian rhythm of the earth. Being in alignment will help you with deeper sleep, cell rejuvenation and hormone balance. Which means the ideal time for Goddess Hour to begin is 9pm with one full hour before you should be under your covers at 10pm!
  3. Set up your Goddess space: This means setting up an area where there is enough space for you to stretch on the ground and possibly set up an alter/tool space. Find all the candles you want to use and bring that to that space. More details about the tools will be listed below.
  4. Turn off all lights 5 min. before beginning: The goal is that once you enter your beautiful candle lit space, you not once expose your eyes to light bulbs, phones or tv/iPads. This will ensure that you are ushered from a soft warm meditative state right into bed, without stimulation. The goal is not to let your body think it is day time. Dave Asprey discusses this at length in a chapter dedicated to deep sleep in his book: Super Human.

Goddess Hour Begins!

The Space

The Body

  • Tools to help: Foam roller (back or legs), PSO-rite (helps relieve pressure). Check out this website to learn more about muscle fascia stretch techniques and stress.

The Mind


Companion Books

The Soul

Set aside 5–10 min. of Meditation

Variation on Goddess Hour

Holistic Remedies

Further Reading