The Travel Bug: Don’t Go Chasin’ Waterfalls: False

Glen Alpine Falls, South Lake Tahoe, CA (May 21, 2017)

One of my resolutions of 2017 is to visit 12–15 waterfalls this year. Random? Yes, maybe. Depends on the reasons, right?

With so many goals being focused on getting smarter, faster, healthier and savvier, I thought, what about the goals that bring joy? What brings a sense of adventure, mystery and excitement?

Waterfalls have become this excuse to travel more and find the beautiful details in living. Therefore, it is my ticket to enter the world of noticing the beauty of this earth.

River leading to Glen Alpine Falls

Why Waterfalls and Rivers are Amazing

  1. The trickling water creates a calming effect. Stressed? That should dissipate if you put yourself next to these bad boys.
  2. The shear power and momentum, like a living force. Always moving and onto the next destination.
  3. The adaptability to carve its own path through stone.
  4. Waterfalls form at the beginning stages of a river formation. This usually begins in the mountains. Which means: great hiking!
  5. You can’t grasp it, you just have to enjoy it’s fierceness and live in the moment with it.

Upper Truckee River: Waterfall #3

What I really loved about coming across this waterfall was that we got lost along the way! Not long enough for it to derail our plans to find this bad boy, though. And another great reason: No one else was there (ok like 4 people in 2 hours), but it was like we discovered it on our own! All the beauty to soak in for ourselves.

Long drive deep into the woods where you can find several summer shacks. Inaccessible during winter.
This waterfall was preceded by several rapids increasing in volatility until we reached the main waterfall. Which is taller than it looks.
With the 50+ feet of snow Tahoe received this year, it is easy to witness the shear force with which these rivers/waterfalls are raging

Glen Alpine Falls at Fallen Leaf Lake: Waterfall #4

Fallen Leaf Lake is between Mount Tallac and Echo Peak in South Lake Tahoe. Less than a mile from Lake Tahoe, this more remote lake offers all the beauty one can soak up in one day. Snow capped mountains, rivers, streams, lake front homes, docks, climbable rock formations. An oasis away from the over crowded oasis that is South Lake Tahoe during peak summer/winter months.

Beautiful drive along a private narrow street. Million dollar shacks and mansions (literally) to soak in the mountain view
Breathtaking force of water.
Quintessential binocular photo…^^^
It has been my dream to live in a house next to a waterfall. Thinking this one is the place…. ^^^^
On our way out. Good bye beautiful lake front, mountain front, river front, waterfall front homes!

The waterfall adventures are just beginning. I hope this inspires you to find a mini quest or adventure to take you on your own wild ride!

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I like things that sparkle in an obnoxious kind of way. Life is short, make it fun. Book coming Summer 2022

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Nicole Herzog

I like things that sparkle in an obnoxious kind of way. Life is short, make it fun. Book coming Summer 2022

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