Newsletter: Meetings with Cake Book Update

Dec. 27, 2021

Been doing lots of drawings in preparation for the book!

Meetings with Cake has been a pleasure and a pain in the ass to work on. I am not going to sugar coat it. But actually I am going to sugar coat the whole damn thing. Because working in Internal Operations when your job is to juggle multiple responsibilities and it feels like you have more than one boss (your boss + every employee) can be down right stressful. So when working on this book about putting bomb ass events together in the workplace, I knew that it had to feel upbeat and coated in lots of sparkling sugar references. Hence, Meetings with Cake. Where all your event advice will be dispensed in cake like revery.

The tough thing about working on a book about a topic that is ever changing because of the pandemic, is well, working on a topic that is ever changing because of the pandemic.

However, the more I worked on the book (and siphoned out the noise) and then rewrote certain chapters to accommodate the changing times, the more I realized there is some knowledge that is still standard. THANKFULLY!

Because bringing people together, regardless of in person or virtual will always have the same make up, because humans haven’t changed, just our circumstances. Our need for connection will always be the same as 2 years of a pandemic can not negate millennia of human programming. Being together matters, getting buy in on your companies mission matters and organizing the way we get together in a work environment will always be needed for employee happiness.

Just don’t make people get together over the weekend, that is my rule.

So instead of making the book an exact play by play, I have zoomed out a little (but not too much) and focused on dispensing evergreen advice that any person thrown into office events can utilize.

I can’t wait to share more with you! Ill be pre publishing some chapters in the new year ❤

And on that note, here is some artwork I have distracted myself with when I get stuck on a chapter and need a break from writing. Some of these may or may not go into the book, but I am sure they will be used for something other than my Instagram and this Medium post lol

Also, if this book isn’t out by March 31st… Oy Vey!

Check out the book here for updates.

Follow me on Instagram or Tiktok if you like watching the art evolve.

— — — — HAPPY NEW YEAR TO ALL! — — — -



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Nicole Herzog

Nicole Herzog

I like things that sparkle in an obnoxious kind of way. Life is short, make it fun. Book coming Summer 2022