50 Spooky-Good Halloween Event Ideas for your Team

Last minute virtual/hybrid/in person office initiatives

Nicole Herzog
8 min readOct 14, 2021


In honor of all the office workers out there juggling their day to day work load while simultaneously trying to come up with fresh event and bonding ideas for their team, I got you. Because it is tiring and you can’t. do. it. all!

So, I sat down, lit a few candles, grabbed a notebook (ok lets be real, I also pulled a tarot card- gotta be thematic! 🔮) and brainstormed as many Halloween ideas as I humanly could; ideas that would work in a virtual or in person office!

Mwah, love you Halloween! 🎃

Key: V= Virtual and P= In Person

Events + Initiatives + Gifting Ideas!

  1. (V,P) Halloween Bingo Night- FREE! Will share a post in the next few days which will have your exact play by play hand book and game boards!
  2. (V,P) Pumpkin carving- Send people gift cards to get their own supplies or send people supplies. Send out a sign up sheet using Google Forms. Make it competitive, give a prize!
  3. (V,P)Halloween Movie Night- Send out a survey with 3–5 Halloween Movies. Play the movie that wins. Make into an event. Send popcorn or combine with other food ideas listed below.
  4. (V,P) Murder Mystery Party. Virtual or in person. Everyone gets dressed up and it can become a whole evening! Send food, or have food at the office/event space that meshes with the vibe of the murder mystery.
  5. (V,P) Escape Room. Find a haunted themed escape room near you! Or do a virtual one here or here.
  6. (V,P) Pie Making Class. Send people gift cards/supplies or purchase ingredients and work together to make pies. Maybe swap some ghost stories or trivia while your pies are cooking.
  7. (V)Halloween Cocktail/Mocktail Making Class. Hit up my favorite dynamic duo at Manhattan Zodiac. They will send you all the ingredients in time for your virtual drink making class!
  8. (V,P)Face painting workshop. Send everyone face paints with stencils. Hire someone, find someone at your office, or find some Youtube tutorials and do face painting! Bring your kids!
  9. (V,P)Campfire Story Time Happy Hour. Send every coworker some halloween treats. Do a fun spooky campfire Zoom background for everyone to upload for their video. Each person shares a scary ghost story. Maybe a story that was popular in their town growing up. At the end, vote on who had the scariest story!
  10. (V) Harry Potter Trivia Night. If you have a large HP fan base at work, attend one of these trivia nights! Or go ahead and create your own trivia game! Or do this virtual HP Airbnb experience where you get to tour Edinburgh through the eyes of JK Rowling.
  11. (P)Have kids come to the office and trick or treat at peoples desks. Have parents brings their kids into work. Combine with face painting, treats, Halloween music and a mini dance party and you got yourselves a monster mash!
  12. (V,P) Get astrology read for your team and your company! My coworker put together an amazing event for us with Rebecca Gordon. Highly recommend 💫
  13. (V,P) Elixer Potion Class. Grab this book and follow along. Send this as a gift to colleagues or recreate one of the recipes and turn it into a drink making event. Really dive into that spookiness.
  14. (V,P) Tarot Reading. Hire a professional tarot reader or have someone at your company that is familiar with tarot, do readings for people! Check out this.
  15. (V,P)Halloween Happy Hour choose your own adventure. There are so many variations on a happy hour. So if you decide you want to host a DIY event, take a look at the list below and start to build your run of show.
  16. (V,P) Spirit Week but like SPIRIT WEEK 👻. 1 week of easy festivities leading up to Halloween. Populate the week with initiatives, gifts and small happenings culminating in a final party where winners of competitions throughout the week are announced and sit back and listen to music and chit chat! Use any of the ideas from this post to create your very own DIY week.
  17. (V) Create a Gather.town Halloween theme event space. Great way to host a virtual event and make it seem like you can walk and go check out different rooms. Each room can be themed with one of the ideas from this list.
  18. (V,P) Make fire cider together. Great wholesome activity and takes about 1 month to be ready. It can then be a two part event. A making event the week before Halloween and a tasting event right before Thanksgiving Break. Links: 1 and 2 .
  19. (V,P) DIY Crock Pot Drink Making Party. Have each person make their own crockpot mulled wine or apple cider. Give out directions, follow along with someone that knows how, hire someone to teach you all. Hire a drink making expert! See if anyone you work with has a family recipe they want to share, turn it into an event!
  20. (V,P) Trivia Night or Drip Trivia. Gather some fun Halloween themed trivia and either turn it into a trivia night (event) or for fun just drop random trivia questions in Slack/Google Meet in the week leading up to Halloween. Give them a small prize or shoutout! Great for a SPIRIT WEEK add on.
  21. (V,P) Hire a Magician. They will run the event and your colleagues will be entertained! Here are a couple options: Link 1 and Link 2.
  22. (V,P) Costume contest. Have everyone dress up, take a picture and submit picture for the costume contest. Colleagues can vote using emojis (online) or putting a name in a jar! Give prizes, make it a huge to do.
  23. (V,P) Halloween Cocktail Invention. Get a bunch of random ingredients and see who can come up with the creepiest drink and drink name. Each person has to tell the story of their made up drink. Best for in person but can still work virtually. Have people test taste the drinks!
  24. (V,P) Halloween dessert competition. Each person makes creepy and fun halloween themed desserts. See whose tastes the best or if you are virtual who has the best looking dessert.
  25. (V,P)Decorate your desk competition. If at the office, buy a bunch of random supplies and then do a timed halloween desk decorating competition. Most unique desk wins! If virtual, send people a $50 gift card for decor and have them take a picture of their desk and submit it to the competition.
  26. (V,P) Best House on the Block Competition. Each person is sent on a mission to find the best decorated house in their neighborhood/town. They submit the image to the competition. Best house wins! Your colleagues get sent on an adventure and it is fun!
  27. (V,P) Recreate your favorite horror movie poster. Each person has to find their favorite horror movie poster and then recreate it with them in it! Like those that do the “recreate a famous painting!” Example.
  28. (V) Haunted house competition. Instead of building a fort, each person creates their own mini haunted house. They take people into their haunted house. Could be a live “Cribs” vibe event or it can be a video they submit. Find judges, build upon this idea and make it competitive.
  29. (V,P) All Hands is Halloween Themed. If you have a team all hands before Halloween, theme the whole meeting! Send candy to employees, wear a costume, have the MC of the all hands dress up, play Halloween music at the start, have the slides in the presentations be themed. Find Halloween GIFs for the slides etc.
  30. (V,P) Fashion Show Costume-off. Iterate on the costume competition but turn it into a fashion show event. Have an MC moderating the outfits. Find someone that likes to public speak at your office and have it be a chance to be silly! Here is some inspo.
  31. (V,P) Dress your pet costume contest. Self explanatory! Follow rules of the costume contest but with a pet!
  32. (V,P) Create a booklet. Take a survey of peoples favorite scary movies, podcasts, books and compile a simple ebook of everyones recommendations and share the Friday before Halloween Weekend.
  33. (V,P) Scary Icebreakers. Encourage your team to start meetings with a scary story or a creepy fun fact icebreaker. Great for a SPIRIT WEEK add on. Lasts all week and it will get people in the Halloween spirit.
  34. (V,P) Create a collaborative Spotify playlist. Have people add their favorite halloween songs, play at any of the events you host, but also share for people to use and play for their Halloween Weekend ahead!
  35. (V) Create/download custom Emojis. Have someone technologically savvy create some fun Halloween emojis and release them before Halloween. Then people can use them in Slack or emails.
  36. (V, P) Touch a Ghost Chrome Extension. Share this with your team and have fun together while trying to capture the ghost!
  37. (V,P) Make Custom Zoom backgrounds on Canva. Make Halloween custom backgrounds using your companies branding + Halloween, and encourage people to use the background in their meetings at work all week.
  38. (V,P) Collect Recipes. Collect peoples favorite fall time recipes and compile them all together in a PDF and then send out to the whole org.
  39. (V) Create fun slack profile pictures. Have people create Halloween themed Slack pictures. See who comes up with the most fun picture!
  40. (P) Pumpkin patch offsite. Self explanatory! And while you are at it, find a hayride.
  41. (V,P) Theme an entire Room. Turn one conference room into a scary themed room. People can go in there to work or get scared. This might even work for a virtual room that people can pop into between certain times. Maybe once in a while there is a scary moment where someone jumps out, but you never know unless you go in. Just some thoughts!
  42. (V,P) Send halloween candy/care packages to parents. Great to send parents little care packages for their kids! Doesn’t always have to be candy either. Check out the Etsy link below too.
  43. (V,P) Send Halloween swag. Hurry! That one will have to be done quickly. Think silly t-shirts, fun mugs, stickers. Combine the company logo with something that feels Halloweeny.
  44. (V,P) Send creepy Etsy care packages. Yes there are some very creepy custom gifts on Etsy that will be super fun and surprising.
  45. (P) Halloween themed lunch delivery. If in the office, have lunch delivered and make it super festive! Definitely get a Halloween themed cake!
  46. (V,P) Give a food delivery credit the week leading up to Halloween. Have a halloween themed lunch. Play music, do trivia, share a ghost story. Use websites like: Ubereats, Doordash, Seamless, or Goldbelly.
  47. (P) Decorate the office/lobby/entrance together. Have coworkers help and make it fun! Order pizza and candies for those that help. Be sure to grab pumpkins, cobwebs and treats to have about the office. The best way to decorate a large space is to choose a focal point instead of trying to spread all the decor around a large space.
  48. (V,P) Sign up for Hunt a Killer. Be the detective team you always wanted to be! Link here. Maybe work together as a team to try and solve a murder?! It is literally the gift that keeps on giving, muhaha.
  49. (P) Do something local and fun! Get your coworkers to attend a Halloween themed offsite. Look up haunted houses, bars, restaurants, movies, concerts, plays or anything Halloween themed that you can attend together.
  50. (P) Compile Local Happenings. Make a list of the most inhabited towns and States at your company and do some Googling and find local Halloween happenings (haunted houses, festivals, corn mazes etc). Put it together in a newsletter that gets sent to your team. This will ensure your colleagues have fun things in their back pocket to do with their friends and family.

Whether you need to plan for a full company event, small team/departmental event, I hope this list sparked some ideas! Good luck out there!

Love these ideas but need some help? I am here to help you! Shoot me an email at nikki.herzog@gmail.com and I will help you come up with a plan for your Halloween team event!



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