50 Post-Pandemic Restocking Items for your Office

Your Office Inventory Checklist

Nicole Herzog
3 min readJul 15, 2021


This post is part of a series aimed to help Office Managers/Facilities, EAs, Workplace Experience, Admins and anyone whose job it is to focus on employee experience at their virtual/hybrid office.

In the last few weeks we have really ramped up the in office advice chit chat. From reopening your dusty office to the possibility of hotel desking; there really is a ton we all have to wrap our heads around. We are on the frontier of change and I am guessing you are up for the challenge of it all!?

I thought you might be! Ok, so your office is open and now employees are trying to navigate stopping into said office. It is only inevitable that people will want to begin mingling and utilizing supplies in the space.

So instead of feeling overwhelmed with all the items you may need to purchase, repurchase, restock or even consider, here is a simplified checklist you can comb through to see what you may or may not need.

This list is here to help you take inventory regardless of whether you are doing the restocking or even if you are passing on the message to a 3rd party vendor.

Let’s get started!

The Everyday Supplies

Kitchen- The “don’t eat” goods

  1. Paper towels

2. Hand towels

3. Hand Soaps

4. Sponges

5. Dishwasher detergent

6. To go boxes/tin foil/seran wrap

7. Ziplock bags

8. Paper cups/paper plates/utensils/napkins

9. Glassware, silverware, bowls, plates

10. Coffee filters

11. Food storage containers

WeWork Kitchen. Dreamy!

Kitchen- Perishables

12. Fridge snacks (yogurts, cheeses, eggs, carrots, fruits etc)

13. Packaged snacks (chips, nuts, dried fruits etc)

14. Sugar/salt/pepper

15. Hot sauces

16. Cream/non-dairy creamer/milk

17. Coffee/tea

18. Soft Drinks

19. Bottled Drinks

20. Chocolate/candy jar

21. Gum

Consider erring on the side of caution and purchasing snacks/items that are individually wrapped, for safety.


22. Drink machine restocking (vending machine, drink dispenser etc)

23. Keg restocking

24. Coffee machine

Don’t forget to have the lines cleaned! #safety


25. Toilet paper

26. Soap

27. Hand towels

28. Supply cart?

29. Mouth wash + mini cups

30. Spray deodorant

31. Floss

32. Hair ties

33. Tampons

34. Shower supplies (if applicable)

35. Towels

PPE Stations- Personal Protective Equipment

36. Hand sanitizer

37. Surface wipes

38. First Aid Kit

39. Wall/floor decals

Office Supplies

40. Notepads

41. Pens (black, red, blue)

42. Expo markers (check that they haven’t gone dull!)

43. Markers/sharpies

44. Screen wipes

45. Binder clips/ paper clips

46. Sticky notes

47. Staplers/staples

48. Scissors

49. Printer paper

50. Printer ink

Coming up next, your go to list for creating the perfect event hosting pantry and prop closet for post-pandemic partying, because we know that sticky liquor cabinet will need a refresh :)

Good luck out there shopping and if we missed something you think is an essential to have for the day to day at the office, add in the comments and we will update the list ❤



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